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The articles found on the pages below are mostly meant for photographers who are moving out of the beginners stage and are considering wedding photography, or for those who aren't really interested in doing it full time, but are considering doing wedding photos for friends and family, either as a gift or at really reduced costs.

These articles will give you a heads-up on the basics you need to know and what you should or shouldn't be prepared for. They'll also give you some ideas on creating small gifts for the couple, like hand-made gavours of seed packets or Thank you Cards.

Another Special Wedding Calendar
Bridal Planning Calendar - Free Template
Cut the Cost - Personalized Wedding Favors
Photographing Wedding Customs & Traditions
The Low-Budget Wedding
The Photographer's Wedding Kit
The Wedding Dress - From Two Perspectives
The Wedding Photographer Meets Bridezilla
Wedding Blogs & Photographers - Do They Go Together?
Wedding Cards from Photography or Art
Wedding Favor Template - Seed Packet Template
Wedding Photography for the Non-Professional
Wedding Photography for the Non-Professional - Part 2
Wedding Photography for the Non-Professional - Part 3
Wedding Photographer's Contract